Mission, Vision, and Values

Vision Statement

Microtel is dedicated to deliver the highest quality customer service and real world solutions to our customers. Microtel is constantly creating new opportunities to meet and exceed our client’s expectations through consistently developing and implementing custom plans and creating innovative strategies to streamline our client’s operations in a cost effective manner. This is our cision that will maximize our client’s profit, while also maintaining the highest level of service quality.

Mission Statement

Microtel is dedicated to building long term relationships by providing flexible outsourced contact center solutions that add maximum value to  our clients. We strive to create a positive experience with every customer interaction by delivering the best people, best processes, and best technology.



We believe our people are one of our greatest assets, as every employee plays a role in our success. As a result, we promote a positive, encouraging and lively work environment that is enjoyed and valued by our people. This translates into a better experience for our clients and their customers.


We enforce fairness with all interaction both internally and externally, Employees, suppliers, partners, clients, and customers are all treated equally with the same attention and respect they reserve. This focus builds and maintains strong relationships that benefit everyone involved with Microtel.


We are proud our innovations help maximize the benefits our clients receive. Technology is the driving force behind our continuous development and efficiency. By investing in R&D, partnering with industry leaders, and adopting the latest technology into our operations;

Operational Excellence

We are persistent in identifying and integrating new methodologies for operational improvement`that are essential to the contract center industry. This ensures that our clients can rely on us to deliver consistent, efficient, and quality service. Operational excellence isn’t just a goal, it’s our priority.

Hard Work & Passion

We look to bring on employees who see the big picture. We create growth opportunities within the company and encourage our employees to work towards them. Our employees are dedicated, hard working, and passionate about developing a fulfilling career with us.


We have experienced continuous financial growth and success, by staying true to our mission and values. Moving forward, we will maintain having our clients, employees,  technology and operational excellence as the center-focus of our organization. We are not looking to be a good company.. we strive to be the best.

Organizational Structure

Edgar Del Rosario, Chief Information Officer
As CIO of Microtel Global Solutions, Edgar is responsible for directing and managing Microtel’s core operations. Edgar’s more that 15 years experience in finance and general management positions is reflected in his in-depth knowledge of budgeting, strategic planning and precise forecasting. Edgar has held executive roles with GDesign, Celestica, Remec, Pacific Micrwave Corporation, and the Royal Eagle Bus Company. Edgar was awarded his Masters Degree in the discipline of Accounting and Finance from De La Salle University.

Conchita Flores, Chief Financial Officer
As the Chief Financial Officer of Microtel, Conchita manages the finance and support operations, Conchita has more that 30 years experience in the financial industry. She has held numerous executive roles where she served as head of credit analysis, collections, and customer service for Phillip Morris International. Conchita holds a degree in Business Administration and Accounting from The University of the East.

Ging Chin, General Manager

As general manager of Microtel, Ging is responsible for directing and managing the overall performance of Microtel, including oversight for program operations, providing strategic direction, and analysis support regarding finance and accounting issues. He also leads policy development and strategic management of the financial planning department for the company.

Prior to Microtel, Ging chaired GL Design, Remac, and Pacific Microwave, where he has held numerous roles including chief financial officer and controller of  finance.

John Guinto, Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, John Guinto is responsible for supporting the company’s key executives and ensuring that key initiatives are implemented and managed across departments and programs. John is also responsible for overseeing and coordination Microtel’s key campaigns, managing the recuiting and hiring process, and ensuring that the company’s goals and initiatives are met. John has over 5 years experience in the contact center industry.