3D and Animation

3D Animator Responsibilities

A 3D animator is an artist who designs animated graphics and puts them into a sequence that we see in motion pictures, websites, magazines and other media too. 3D animation artists also work for the development of video games and other areas of media where animation is required. These individuals are sometimes referred to as 3D artists or 3D graphic artists.

3D animator responsibilities are to develop unique and attractive animations for different target groups. Almost all of us have seen the animated motion pictures, ad films and also the animated content that appears on web and television channels. This content is the brainchild of animators who get the brief from clients, creative director or administering authorities and accordingly design the animation and also enhance its visual appearance by adding various attributes to the animation such as colors, sound, light, environment, etc.

Animation is not just a means of entertainment but also a very effective tool to spread awareness. Educational institutes and organizations these days use animated instructional material in order to impart knowledge and training. Here the 3D animators are expected to blend knowledge and entertainment in an animated format to produce infotainment content for the ease of target audience.

To complete a project, a 3D animator has to execute the following duties:

Communicate with the clients and/or creative director to understand the concept and requirements of a project
Draw sketches and develop storyboards according to the script
Create 2D models of the sketches in the computer and modify the design if required
Work with the creative team for character design and discuss the changes that will enhance the appearance of the sequence as a whole
Add background, sound, texture, colors, lighting and other attributes to an animation
Create separate frames for each sequence and put the sequence on timeline to match the script and soundtrack
Edit and fine tune the animation sequence and ensure that the final product meets the project requirements